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ITEM: Vintage Classic Paste Wax
Product Info

Why Buy This Product?

- Highest quality Brazilian carnauba

- Enhances gloss and shine

- Fresh citrus scent

- Creates a brilliant finish

About Vintage Paste Wax
Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax is an all-natural carnauba wax designed to create a brilliant show winning shine. We crafted our Classic Paste Wax using traditional wax blending techniques passed down through generations. We believe creating the perfect paste wax is a true form of art. Our Classic Paste Wax is crafted using the highest quality Brazilian carnauba combined with California grown citrus extracts that enhance the gloss and shine of any color paintwork. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax delivers a deep, warm shine to enhance the natural beauty of your vehicle. Over 6 days, our wax blending specialists use the finest ingredients from around the world to create the perfect paste wax that redefines perfection. Our Classic Paste Wax is blended using the highest quality California citrus extracts to create a quality paste wax with a brilliant shine. Natural Brazilian carnauba wax has been the choice of detailing professionals and enthusiasts for over 100 years. The brilliant shine of natural carnauba wax is the perfect way to achieve the highest level of perfection for your paintwork. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax combines detailing passion and all-natural ingredients to deliver superior results. Discover the true passion of detailing with Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax.

Special Blend
Creating the perfect paste wax is like painting a piece of art. We combined the finest ingredients, timeless techniques, and creative passion to blend a paste wax that defines a generation. For over 100 years, natural Brazilian carnauba has been the choice of automotive enthusiasts for a show winning shine. Utilizing the finest ingredient with traditional wax blending techniques, we created a paste wax that delivers a classic shine. We blended our Classic Paste Wax using the highest quality Brazilian white ivory carnauba for brilliant finish. Brazilian white ivory carnauba is only found in a limited number of carnauba palms. We use only the purest carnauba wax to create a warm glow that enlightens any color paintwork.

Classic Paste Wax is blended with the finest citrus extracts only grown in the state of California. The beautiful state of California is known for the amazing orange and citrus trees grown by local farmers. The rich California sun produces oranges famous around the world for their fantastic flavor and scent. We blended natural California citrus extracts into our Classic Paste Wax to create a stunning finish with a signature glow. All-natural citrus extracts allow our Classic Paste Wax to easily melt onto the surface for a shine that defines perfection. Classic Paste Wax works great on dark and light color finishes to enhance your paintwork while providing durable protection. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax is a great choice for the perfectionist detailer that accepts nothing less than the best.

Classic Paste Wax is the perfect way to create a vibrant shine on any color paintwork. Works great on black, red, blue, silver, white and all other colors. The all-natural Classic Paste Wax formula applies using a premium foam applicator pad. Once the paste wax has hazed, easily buff off to a brilliant shine. Classic Paste Wax can be applied in multiple layers to add even more depth and gloss. The durable paste wax formula protects your paintwork against fading, discoloration, water spots and contamination that mute the shine of your paintwork. The genuine all-natural Classic Paste Wax is the perfectionist’s choice for a smooth finish with stunning gloss. Only the purest Brazilian Ivory Carnauba can produce the highest level of shine. Apply a coat to any modern or classic car to enhance the natural beauty of your paintwork. Great for enthusiast detailers, vintage car collectors and professional detailers searching for a quality hand-crafted pot of paste wax. Chemical Guys Classic Paste Wax is the perfect choice to create show winning shine to any vehicle.

Part Number WAC_312
UPC 816276019093
Size 5 ounces
Container Plastic; resealable
Scent Citrus
Form Paste
UV Block Yes
Gloss Enhancing Yes
Water spot Protection Yes
Wax Yes, carnauba
Hand application Yes
Machine application Yes, though not recommended
Safe for clear coat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes

Made in the USA

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